JBL GTO939 Speakers Review

JBL GTO939 Speakers Review

I had installed in my car a pair of stock speakers but 2 months ago they finally broke.  I was looking something similar because these were actually quite good for stock speakers, I search and finally found the JBL GTO939 Series 6×9 3 way back car coaxial audio speakers. I had a fixed budget because I didn’t want to spend to much on speakers, these were within my budget and plus these had many positive reviews.  These speakers are best suited for people who want a great sound quality, a full range speaker, have a fixed budget but want a good sound quality and want an easy installation. JBL is an audio company that is well-known for making quality speakers. The JBL GTO 939 are 3 way full range speakers.

While some speakers from other brands are difficult to install these are quite easy to install and you don’t need any special tools to install them in your car. As long as you have a 6×9 hole in your car these will fit easily.

The JBL GTO939 have Plus One Cone Technology, this is special cone that JBL made it from professional materials to be larger than other cones. The sound is produced by the speaker by vibrating air, so the larger the cone the more air it can vibrate.

The JBL GTO939 have a peak power of 300 Watts per speaker and 600 Watts per pair. These have a sensitivity rating of 93dB.  The tweeters in the GTO939 is the main advantage upon other speakers because these are made from MY/TI, a mylar and titanium composite.  These are specially made to deliver more power and reduce distortion. This allows the speaker to give a clearer sound.

The UniPivot system is great because you can adjust the position of the tweeters. The JBL GTO939 3 way speakers are a great pair of speakers capable of delivering power, quality and performance at a reasonable price. In general  they are a great pair of speakers that deliver better sound than any other stock speakers.

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